PAS PHOTO s Bali Cycling Operator is organizer of cycling program in Bali Island. Our services has been established from the year 2002, supported by Bali Cycling Federation. With experience implementing cycling events, training and preparation of decent bikes for sport cycling. We are provide a bicycle, escort cycling, biking locations, support car and all forms related to the sport of cycling. Bali Cycling Operator is willing to serve individuals, groups on race cycling, mountain bike touring, family cycling and triathlon training camp program. Bali Cycling Operator responsibility to development sport cycling in Bali. Bali island is suitable for cycling because it has beautiful scenery, culture and community in a friendly. Cycling location in coastal, mountain, rice field area and, villages. The cycling trial challenges and need to try to test the ability of cycling. I believe you can certainly enjoy life cycle for your better future. We will take you cycling area the low traffic, can feel the charm of Bali and back to your home with happiness.

Tour de Ternate Tidore

  Kepada Yth. Bapak dan Ibu Penggemar Olahraga Sepeda Selamat siang, Garuda Indonesia dengan bangga mengadakan Garuda Indonesia Tour de Ternate Tidore (Ternate) pada tanggal 8 Agustus 2015, jarak tempuh +/- 40km (pp) dengan kontur jalan relative mendatar dengan beberapa tanjakan kecil. Start dari Benteng Oranje -Pelabuhan Bastiong (menggunakan ferry) Pelabuhan Rum- Kedaton Tidore – //... 

Bali Tour Paket Promo

Bali Tour Paket Promo
Hari 01 : Jemput di Airport & Acara Bebas Dijemput di Airport , diantar ke hotel untuk check in. Acara bebas dan istirahat. Hari 02 : Barong Dance & Kintamani Full Day Tour Acara Pertama, menonton pertunjukan tari Barong, singgah di Galuh sebagai pusat batik dan souvenir Bali, dilanjutkan dengan Celuk sebagai pusat kerajinan perak. Mengunjungi obyek wisata Goa Gajah, tempat pertapaan Hindu... 


Garuda Indoensia Bali Mountain Bike Marathon 2014  (197)
Garuda Indonesia Bali Mountain Bike Marathon 2014 adalah lomba sepeda gunung dengan memperlombakan sepeda Gunung Junior Cross Country dan Mountain Bike Marathon. Jumlah peserta yang hadir  atlit dan pengembira, diikuti oleh  84 orang peserta. Peserta yang hadir adalah warga Negara Indonesia, Australia, Amerika, Inggis, Afrika Selatan, Malaysia, Russia, Hongkkong, Singapore, Swiss dan Timor Leste. Perlombaan... 

Komodo Audax

Komodo Audax is a cycling adventure activities on the island of Flores in East Nusa Tenggara province of Indonesia. Komodo Audax is the highest level for cycling adventures in Indonesia, because the location of cycling over 1000 bends, slopes, derivatives that require strong endurance, biking skills are proficient and air temperature every location visited is not the same. From Larantuka City to Labuan... 

Health Cycling Tips

Health Cycling Tips Make sure your lower back in covered when cycling. If the muscles grow cold they can become  stiff and painful. Cycle out of the  saddle occasionally during a ride, It will help exercise different muscles and allow your muscle  to stretch. Change in to dry clothes  as soon as you can if you sweat or get wet while cycling, to avoid catching a cold. Make sure your saddle is the... 

Road Cycling Safety Tips

Road Cycling Safety Tips: Scan the pavement for children and elderly pedestrians they often walk out into the road without looking. With a little experience you can tell who is likely to step out in front of you. Slow down around schools. Be alert around factories and pubs, especially at their respective opening and closing times Try anticipate the actions of animals, but expect the unexpected.... 

Komodo Audax

Cycling in Bali
The Cycling Adventure in Flores Island of Indonesia May, 2014 – Larantuka to Labuan Bajo 5 Days Cycling & 1 Day Komodo Island Tour  http://www.komodoaudax.com  Read More »

The Second Bali Mountain Bike Marathon 2013

The Second Bali Mountain Bike Marathon 2013
 If  you have your own idea of how you would like to tour Bali on bike, there are plenty of tour operators that will be able to offer you such a cycling tour, and an experienced guide will accompany you so that you travel with peace of mind, as well as tap on his local knowledge to learn more about Bali. Cycling tours in Bali generally take place from South Bali and goes up to North Bali. Of course,... 

Tour De Bromo

RUNDOWN BROMO MTB 2013 Time Activity Remark Day 1, 11.00 Tiba di Juanda, (asumsi) Setting sepeda, skalian makan siang (1) (Pakage)  di rumah makan di dekat bandara. Mobil pake rak sepeda. Langsung ke Cemara Lawang   Tas sepeda disimpan dirumahku. Nanti setting sepeda lagi dirumah makan yg sama, saat pulang 16.00 Check in di HotelTea time @ Cemara Indah Teras Café for Sunset…... 

Mountain Bike at Batur Volcanos

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 12.18.47 PM
Our first ride was a loop based around the impressive crater of Batur. Things start off around the caldera rim, and the outlook is stunning; a huge lake spans the carter base, peppered with fishing villages and a patchwork of agricultural lands. As you descend steeply into the crater these sights rapidly become life size and the trail winds around the lake before climbing to a near perfect ridge line... 
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